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-Able to monitor activities that happens across the Nursing home
-Worked with other vendors in the past but Security Cameras of Columbus is   the best as they are best at what they do and does follow up with us on   regular basis to ensure if things are fine.​​

David Klinedinst

IT Consultant( Arlington Court Skilled Nursing and Rehab Center)

Security Cameras of Columbus

Security Cameras Station is a fully featured video management system, perfect for schools, retail and manufacturing. It offers effective video management tht meets the needs of active users in medium- sized businesses

Customized and localized surveillance solutions offering extended functionality and integration. Security Cameras partner solutions ar avilable for any system complexity or size - small, medium or enterprise

Residential Solutions
Commercial Solutions

Our goal is simple To help our customers see what is important. Often security cameras are installed for security reasons. To protect from vandalism, theft, or bodily harm. However, security cameras provide much more than just security, they provide peace of mind. Many use security cameras to view their children and family, pets, employees, and/or personal property. The possibilities are truly endless. 

Easy to Use  ​Security Cameras Columbus OH strive to provide the most up to date technology that is easy to use. If you are homeowner, a business owner, or an IT professional you want a system that works well for you, and is easy to use. Even if you don’t consider yourself a technology expert, our systems are easy for the lay person to operate.


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