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Typically our sales and installation process goes as follows

Today, more homeowners are turning to video surveillance systems to help protect their homes and assets. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with peace of mind while at home or away at an affordable price.  We provide security cameras service in Central Ohio and neighbouring states

In recent years, residential video surveillance installation has increased dramatically. With cost of systems coming down, and quality of systems improving, many home owners are anxious to view what is important at home. Therefore, much of our recent efforts have focused on needs of our residential customers. Such as, what system is easiest to use and most affordable for a home owner? Many don’t like monthly contracts. So our systems have no monthly fees. Once the system is installed, you own it.

Also, we have paid close attention to developing an installation method that is aesthetically appealing. We recognize that the look of a home is important, and we try not to deter from that look. We go through great lengths to hid required cabling, while still maintaining the integrity of the system.

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