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Dahua Tutorials

Dahua Tutorials are for our current HD-CVI line of products and can be used to trouble shoot any of them. The tutorials will also be very helpful for our discontinued Dahua IP line. Please suggest a tutorial below if you do not see one you are looking for.

Using P2P: How to enable and use P2P networking

IPC Day/Night profiles Setup: Set Day/Night settings for IPCs

Backup to Flashdrive: How to back up to a flash drive at the recorder

DHDDNS Setup: How to use our DHDDNS

Using Search: How to use "Search" directly on the recorder

POS Information: Information on setting up point of sales

Update Firmware: How to update firmware via the config tool

Record the Extra Stream: How to enable extra stream recording

Active X Control setup: Enabling Active X Controls in Internet Explorer

Network a Recorder: How to set up a recorder on the local network

Using Dual NICs: How to use both NICs on a NVR recorder

Uniview Tutorials

Uniview Tutorials are for our current IP solutions product line. The tutorials in this list will be for all recorders and IP cameras. Uniview is a new product line if your don't find the tutorial you are looking for check back or suggest it below.

EZCloud Quick Guide: How to register a unit with the EZCould and connect
Port Forwarding: How to set your recorder up for port forwarding
LPR Setup: Setting up the IPC42ER5-DL for license plate mode
WDR Setup: Enabling the WDR settings in the IPC3232ER-DV
3rd Party Cameras: How to add 3rd party cameras to your Uniview recorder
DHDDNS Setup: How to use our DHDDNS
Setting up Cameras: How to set your Cameras out of box
Motion Recording: How to set your recorder up for motion recording
Smart Search: How to use Univiews Smart Search feature
Locally networking NVRs: How to local network recorders
Firmware Updating Cameras: How to firmware update Uniview cameras